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Makeup Tips for Green Eyes 2012

Women with green colored eyes can really have fun when they are applying makeup. They have a wide range of colors which include turquoise, chartreuse, forest green, vibrant light green and so on. For this reason, it is important to choose the right makeup for green eyes to really bring out a gorgeous appearance.

Some shades to avoid

It is important to know the colors to avoid when you are applying eye makeup. The first one would be the blue shade as this will not do anything for your green eyes. Its best to avoid light and dark blues, plus certain blue with undertones like pinks or purples. Besides that, pinks are one of the difficult colors to judge because some shades can look good, while others will look really bad. Silvers are definitely not good choices and would work best for blue eyes.

Unless you genuinely like the black eyeliner, you should avoid this color. Try the chocolate browns or steely grays instead. If you have small eyes, you can use white or gold to get a wider look.

General Rules

When you are choosing makeup for green eyes, a general rule would be to concentrate on warm shades and avoid the cool ones. But, as you know there are some exceptions to any rule. However, this will be a good way to select the right eyeshadow colors that will bring out the appeal of your green eyes.

Selecting eyeshadows

You can find the most popular shades for green eyes, but you can try various browns, particularly the chocolate tones. Dark greens and browns with gold or copper highlights will also be a god choice. Taupes and apricots will be good options for highlighters. To get a gorgeous evening look, the golds and coppers will be great.

Eye makeup application

The way you apply eyeshadow will depend on the amount of colors you want to wear and the occasion. When it comes to basic everyday wear, you can:

  1. Use a highlighter such as crystalline over the entire eye starting from the bottom part of the crease towards the eyebrow. Next, use an apricot or taupe on the entire eyelid and ensure that it’s blended with crystalline over the crease.
  2. Then, you can apply your third color using one of the methods below which could be chocolate brown, copper or dark green:
  3. Apply the color from the center of your eyelid right from the eyelash to slightly over the crease and blend it properly. To get a more dramatic look, you could blend it below the lower lashes.
  4. Apply the color from the inside corner of the eyelid and the sweep outwards to the external corner. It will become thicker as you go further so ensure that it’s blended nicely.

Finally, you would apply your mascara and eyeliner using your normal techniques. So, there you have it, some excellent tips to use makeup for green eyes effectively to get the desired look.

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