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Your Business Promotion
The FusionPak website was started in 2011 as online Lifestyle Magazine and there are many contributors to its content. It has plenty of daily visitors from all over globe, several visitors are online all the time.  As brands command a greater presence in the digital world, FusionPak provides an opportunity to consumers as they engage with the material presented on this site daily and with each other in conversation. FusionPak offers a variety of advertising options for businesses:

  • Be in the Selected Slider on Homepage – allowing brands to build personality and directly interact with their target audience. A great way to show your fashion associated products on the homepage.
  • Sponsored article and commentary with images – where advertisers can discuss an issue or introduce a product and then interact with the comments stream, creating a social dialogue with an engaged audience.
  • Image Banner in the right column – Our premium graphical display ad format that allows brands to deliver multiple digital strategies within a single ad format to display on pages in the right column.

For queries about advertising opportunities on FusionPak, set a budget and write to us



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